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5 Ways To Use Paid Ads To Increase Your Social Media Presence

Use Paid Ads To Increase Your Social Media Presence

Social media promotion has become just as important, as PPC advertising and television advertising to strengthen your brand, increase sales and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

If you`re not using social media ads to gain more prospects or new followers, then there are a few techniques that you should adopt.

Use Ads to Highlight Non-Sales Efforts

Social media advertisement not always has to direct users to your various landing pages. There is more you can do, such as highlight non-sales efforts. For instance, social media ads can be used to let your consumers know about your upcoming events or charitable efforts.

A significant number of big corporations utilize this technique, but it can be just as effective and suitable for your own personal brand. With this, you’re able to highlight details that allow people to connect with your brand on a personable level.

Use Ads to Encourage Participation

Another alternative of using ads is to encourage participation. By using an ad to direct visitors to an online poll or survey, you could learn more about your prospect`s interest and target market.

Simply making an inquiry in your Ads and directing clients to leave comment on a particular post is one option that’s been used quite effectively by various brands lately. This technique spurs conversation, all of which revolves around your brand, helping you gain new followers.

Use Sponsored Posts to Gain New Followers

There are essentially paid ads, in a form of a social media post. And most social media networks have their own form of sponsored posts.  Sponsored posts let you instantly reach more social media users, increasing your chances of gaining new followers.

Also, this can be combined with some other techniques. Sponsored posts can be used for your online polls or highlight your achievements. The idea is to gain more attention and gain an exposure to a bigger audience.

Use Targeted Social Media Advertisements

Targeting specific areas, regions, or demographics with any social media advertisement can be used to narrow down the focus of some of your advertisements.

Consider a form of niche marketing. When targeting a smaller market, you can alter your ads for different regions and you are likely to face less competition. This is easy with Facebook targeted advertisement.

There are numerous options provided by Facebook for targeted ads. For instance, you can target users based on their geographic location or age range, also you can target Facebook users that have a specific hobby or interest.

Another option provided by Facebook Ads is to exclude visitors to your website. It`s a great option if you decide that you want to concentrate excessively on individual`s that haven’t visited your site or know about your brand yet.  Also, this can be altered to include retargeting.

With retargeting, you have the alternative to just show advertisements to prospects that have previously visited your website. You can even set the time since they last visited to your site. All this helps to increase overall engagement of your targeted Ads.

Use a Combination of Marketing and Ads

Don`t just rely on paid ads, you also need to stick to your existing marketing strategy by posting on a regular basis to engage your prospects.

Paid ads can be used as a supplemental technique to boost your social media presence if you want to continue growing followers and engaging with your audience. All of these techniques are geared towards helping you grow your brand and increase your overall online presence.

Don’t just use social media ads to direct visitors to a landing page, start thinking outside the box. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing solutions, along with a program for getting conversion-ready internet marketing prospects each month, then click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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