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Best 7 Step Click Funnels to Make Affiliate Marketing Work

What is Click Funnels?

A funnel or conversion funnel is the methodology you can use to define and plan the steps that a user must take to meet one or more objectives.  Following the success of my last content, I have decided to launch another guide to talk about what is a funnel or conversion funnel, but above all to share my experience of the last few years creating funnels that do convert.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Click Funnels affiliate?

I’ll start with the basics but then I’ll give you real examples of funnels that you can apply to your business and I’ll show you how you can measure the results of your funnels.

Why do we use conversion funnels?

We use online marketing funnels for different reasons, but the most important thing is that you know that a funnel is synonymous with planning and conversions.

Below I will give you other reasons why you should use Click Funnels software for your business:

  • You reduce the number of steps a user takes to become a lead or client that means you’ll get results quickly.
  • Convert your website into a conversion machine because you optimize everything and generate funnels for online sales and sales.
  • Only communicate with users who are interested (qualified) and leave mass marketing aside.
  • You can offer exclusive offers and discounts to users who are interested in your product or service.
  • You optimize the investment in content, public relations, paid advertising and Email Marketing.
  • With the funnels, you can better understand the needs of your customers and cultivate your relationship with them in a more effective and personalized way.

Are the funnels only for professionals or do they work for companies?

It is true that many professionals like me (bloggers and businessmen) have used funnels for years and maybe that’s why it seems that this technique is only for professionals, but in reality, funnels or funnels of conversion are for any type of business:

  • That attracts new traffic
  • That you need to capture new leads
  • Who sells products and sells services
  • Who wants to sell more to their current customers

7 Step Click Funnel to Make Affiliate Marketing Work

  1. Niche Research – Knowledge is King and THE Key to Your Success

You know—research is a really boring one. But, if you can convert that issue into your own action, surely you’re going to see the result very soon.

I mean if you don’t have a good knowledge of the particular subject, you cannot offer tons of products or services to your visitors.

Research is the main gun when you go for affiliate marketing.

You should know—who will be the target market? And you have to read the ins and outs of the marketplace.

It’s all about research. And taking the time regularly to do your research will make or brake your online sucess.

If you really think this is something you’re going to skip completely—you’ll lose the success of selling your product.

Don’t you want to be like those marketers who sacrifices the whole 6 hours in terms of researching?

Your research should be based on two factors. For example, first, you should select the appropriate affiliate marketing offers and last, you should read the customers’ mindset.

  1. Choosing Where to Start Pushing Your Affiliate Product

You’ve got chosen an offer and also done a good research. Now, it’s the time to take a decision where to promote it.

If you have no cash for paid traffic, don’t worry because a blog can be a good option for you.

If you really like this latter option, you need some SEO and social media to drive the organic traffic. Be sure your theme has a good match with your blog post offering. If you don’t have a good match with the theme, fewer visitors will be interested to purchase the product.

For example, you got a blog on gardening; it will absolutely look weird if suddenly you put eBook.

If you like to promote your offer through an ad, get the one that has well suit with the offer.

Or choose the best one where you think your target marketplace will give a quick response to your ad.

Where they like to hang out? Older folks aren’t on Snap chat. Think of this first.

Also, most of the networks like Facebook and Google have a lot of guidelines that you have to follow. Could your offer be advertised through those social media?

Besides, if you like Google or Facebook, ask yourself, what would be better to show your offer in search engine results or on the content network because two mindsets are roaming here?

This is really two different mindsets such as– with using own email list and with Facebook. If you understand those differences, it’ll save you bucks and you will get a well-optimised campaign for the beginning.

Finally, give a good look at the merchant (landing page) where you’re going to send the traffic—to observe if it complies with Facebook or Google. Some cases, pop-ups are not allowed and there is a risk of getting banned if you drive visitors to a page with one.

  1. Creative – Don’t Use Banners Provided by Merchants

You might be confused, why not? Because they are actually horrible!

Sometimes, the copy is terrible or the call to action is.

If you really want to get a good conversion rate, it would be a good idea to make your own banners.

You could probably make something special and more effective.

I think you made the research, right?

For making an affiliate marketing work, you know one of the painful tasks is to find out a solution.

Use that…

The best thing is that you should learn a bit HTML code so that you can link to the offer my own (it’s super easy)

Some merchants really do a good job by creating banners. But keep in mind you make something better.

  1. Funnels for capturing leads

The capture of leads is to convert a fan, visitor of a page or user who visualises an advertisement in your lead (potential client). In this short funnel, you can attract users who leave their personal information in exchange for a gift you make. Example: Subscribe and download my book for free.

Visitors will come to your website and ad users will enter the funnel when they leave their data on our landing page.

Once they leave their data, they go to a thank you page and then the email will arrive with the download of what you promised them.

  1. Nurturing your leads

Nurturing your leads means you build and improve the relationship with your potential clients, but above all to educate them, give them some tips or advice before selling. If the users in this process show interest, then you can pass them to the online sale.

  1. Online sales funnels

Online sales funnels should start with users who have shown interest during lead generation campaigns.

Let me clarify, the funnel starts with the users of a certain label and with a sales email. In this email, you must offer an interesting offer (discounts, 2 × 1, etc.).

If pre-qualified users have an interest, they will go to the Sales Page and from there to the payment page to buy and receive the welcome email and purchase confirmation.

The interesting thing about this funnel is that you automatically can re-market to users who have shown interest and who have not purchased yet.

  1. Remarketing on Facebook Ads with a sale funnel

To enter more deeply into the topic of remarketing I decided to share the real data of a campaign I did. The first thing is that we review what you need to do remarketing with a funnel:

  • A tool to create personalized Facebook audiences such as babycare.
  • A Facebook Ads campaign is set up for the audience interested in paid products and has ads and a personalized copy.

Remember to exclude customers that have your product’s label in these campaigns.

What I did, I sent a sales email in which there was a Yes button, and I want to automate my business. This button led to a Sales Page to promote my practical course of automation and funnels. Users who click on this link will be impacted by remarketing and in two different ways.

  • Remarketing in Facebook Ads. As you can see, it automatically clicks and creates an audience with babycare, and in this way, these users will see ads on Facebook to buy the product.
  • Re-marketing by email. When segmenting users interested in buying, you can then send reminder emails only to them.

Thanks for reading and hope this article – Best 7 Step Click Funnel To Make Affiliate Marketing Work?   will help you in your online business. To start your FREE 14 DAY Trial click here.

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