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How to Make Money using Social Media

Many people believe that social media is only meant for connecting people, making friends, and not for selling, but in the long run, you’ll be thinking of leveraging the connections you build. If you’ve created enough trust with your followers, they’ll be more inclined to find out your recommendations and the links you’re sharing.

Below are some of the ways you can use social media to make money.

1. Promote affiliate products.

Your kind of industry doesn’t matter; you can get amazing digital products to promote on ClickBank. Another platform to use to find products to sell is Amazon. You can also become an Amazon Associate, promote your preferred products and earn commissions.

Instead of spamming twitter with links and expecting the best, always remember that the most effective method of promoting affiliate products is through reviews. If you use a product personally and like it, and you think your followers could benefit from it, then compose a long-form review on your blog, and share the reasons why you like the product. Make sure you review the product with all honesty. You can also use video if you want.

Also, make sure you disclose your affiliate relationships. This, in most cases, is a legal requirement. Your readers, viewers, and followers will appreciate your sincerity.

2. Create and promote your information products.

If you own a blog already, and you’ve demonstrated what you do best on a particular niche over a period of time, then you could create an e-book, audio course, or video course and sell to your followers. Social media is an excellent place to promote such service.

Platforms such as Sellfy, Gumroad, and Amazon’s KDP program makes it easy for you to sell and publish your PDF, video file or MP3 at your desired price, keeping in mind that each platform does take their share even if it is small.

Understandably, quality is vital to creating something people will not only want to read but will also pay to read. If you go extra length in creating great information, promoting and designing it well, then you can be sure of more sales coming your way.

3. Promote products and services.

You have countless of opportunities to share sponsored posts that promote other businesses products and services. This is another way of making some money on social media.

But, if you don’t have a large number of followers, this method may not make you enough money. Also, the fact that you want money does not necessarily mean you should over promote, because when your followers notice that you always promote one product or the other, you may begin to lose followers and in turn lose clicks.

Mixing things up is essential. Creating a proper social media posting schedule is wise. This assures you that you’re adding value to your followers each time you promote products and services. Calls to action are also a big part of social media strategy, even though every post can’t be a call to action.

4. Use visual media to promote your crafts.

If you have the intention of creating handmade crafts, art pieces, and other creative items, there may be opportunities for showcasing your products on social media. Instagram and Pinterest could seem like the best places to hit, but Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are also beautiful channels for sharing visual media.

You can also direct your followers to Etsy if you own an Etsy account. There’s potential of making a good living across the different channels.

5. Promote your coaching or consulting services.

You can generate a good number of leads for your consulting business through social media. Whether you’re a life coach or a guitar teacher, if you’re good at what you do, you can get more people interested in your services by connecting with your target customers on social media.

You can conduct coaching sessions on Skype, so this is an excellent opportunity to earn money from home. Consulting can be profitable, so always remember to charge reasonably for your time and effort.

This method can also work in conjunction with selling useful information products because people you want to advise or coach are likely to be interested in the e-books and courses you create.

6. Join the YouTube Partner Program

Building a popular YouTube channel can be stressful and requires a lot of work and dedication. But if you already have followers, or you want to make your audience, joining the YouTube Partner Program to earn money on advertising is worth exploring.

There are good numbers of YouTube content creators who have made substantial amounts of money with this kind of program. Surely, it would take a lot of time, effort and strategy to make money on YouTube. However, it is important to keep this in mind with advertising in general. Remember, you’re not going to make enough money from YouTube if you’re not getting a lot of views and clicks.

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the many methods you can use to make money using social media; there are plenty more other methods of making money on social media.

It is crucial to remember that making money using social media isn’t an easy task. But if you’re willing to work hard, test and experiment, plus have an entrepreneurial spirit, then you have higher chances than those who just want to try it out to see what happens. We hope this article will help you and stay with Clever Earner to get more such articles.

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