How to Set Up an Email Autoresponder in Aweber 2018

How to Set Up an Email Autoresponder in Aweber 2018

Email Marketing

Email is one of the best marketing tools that (if used well) become very effective when it comes to getting sales and building loyalty to a target audience.

A well-crafted email marketing campaign will pay off a lot in your business.
It’s one of the most economical resources you have at hand when you want to do marketing. When it comes to making email marketing campaigns, the AWeber tool turns out to be one of the best.

With AWeber, you create, manage, analyze and optimize all your campaigns. This tool also allows you to keep in touch with your customers, subscribers and suppliers.

Primarily, AWeber automatically captures and sends emails that arrive at your web page and sends them back with a sequence that you can configure according to your needs

Email marketing tool Aweber
Aweber is one of the best tools in Email marketing. With this fantastic tool, you can analyze any type of information from an online platform. The coolest thing is that it has 24 hours special service in a day. You can send your emails in a segmented manner.

Its subscribers consider it one of the easiest programs to use in the technology market. This software is available only in the English language.
It’s totally a legal company which started in 1998 with headquarters in the state of Pennsylvania in Huntingdon Valley, United States.
It offers one month free trail, and you have a free access to enjoy the function of the tool.

Aweber Pricing
The good news is that this tool has one-month free trail as we told before. You can make sure of any product before you buy it in free-version. The cost of their services are:

Aweber autoresponder
When you start creating email marketing campaigns, you always focus on sending them manually. But once you have info products for sale, an online store, or offer digital services, it is necessary to use a tool that allows you to make automatic shipments.

The best tool to send messages automatically is called an autoresponder,. It is available on most platforms that offer the mass mailing service such as MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Droppler, Mailrelay, etc.

What is an autoresponder?

The autoresponder system basically consists of a sequence of emails that are sent automatically to subscribers or customers. They will receive text depending on the action they have performed on the website.

The great advantage of the autoresponder is that you don’t have to worry about sending emails individually. You have to configure only once when you want these messages to be sent.

This way, you should not worry about sending the emails because they will be sent automatically.

Why use an autoresponder system?
A scheduled regular campaign sends you to a list or a segment at the time you choose, but an automation work process sends emails to specific subscribers that meet shipping conditions.

Automation uses the activity and subscriber data, in order to offer a more personalized experience to individual subscribers.

For email sellers, whose subscribers have a clear route from subscribing to conversion or repeated commitment can simplify your communication process. You can send a simple birthday coupon once a year or a series of requests every few days.

When you organize recurring campaigns in automation work processes, you will reduce the time you spend sending duplicate or recreated campaigns to reach the right subscribers at the right time

How to set up an Email Autoresponder In Aweber (In 3 steps)
If you want to start for setting up your Aweber autoresponders, obviously you have to sign up an account or you should have aweber login. The bad news is that Aweber has no free version but you can enjoy the free trial before you purchase the application.

Let’s proceed and look what you need to do if you open an account

Step #1: Create a mail list and a signup form
If you have a sign-up, you will get the chance of making your first email list. Once you’ve done it, this will say you to fill up a simple form where you will find senders’ name and mail.

When you’ve finished the form, just click Next Step. Then, you have to choose a name for your mail list that will help you identify it with a quick.
Afterward, you have to come up with a short description of your email list or topics. It will show if any user tries to unsubscribe from your existing list and why he/she subscribed in the past time.

Again, what you have to do is to have a click– Next Step. If you are ready and then, arrange a confirmation mail for the subscriber verification.
In this regard, you have a good news is that Aweber usually offers very useful pre-approved object lines that really works great. We recommend you to use that option which adds the first name of your subscriber as personalization is really a nice one.

However, you could edit the text of confirmation message if you like to create it more personal.
Right now, click on— Approve message and Create List–, and then you’ll be asked to make a signup form for a new mail list.

What kind of form you’re going to utilize is a personal decision as it will fully depend on own taste and the style of your site.
If you’re confused about it, don’t worry because Aweber free has a good suggestion that it offers a lot of templates and tutorial how to choose it. Don’t be late and visit the Aweber page.

Step #2: Customize follow up series’ welcome Email
While setting up the mail list and signup form, you have to get ready as you’re going to receive your first subscriber. If anyone subscribes, he/she will get a welcome message.

The thing is that the subscriber is really interested in your pieces of content.

The interesting thing is that your welcome mail will provide you the chance to mark the deal. Be sure you care about future texts.

To get this kind of opportunities, just visit Aweber dashboard navigate to Messages, then Legacy Follow up Series.

In this area, you have a good opportunity to set-up a chapter of autoresponders for the subscribers – and the first one is a welcome text.
In every your campaign’s entry, you’ll get the option for using the drag-and-drop builder of AWeber, even HTML, and simple message.

The drag & drop builder is so simple, but AWeber has brought a good tutorial so that you can get help to utilize all its features.
If you get ready, then go ahead and keep a welcome message first.

After finishing your message, visit on Save & Exit. Then, your mail will present on the drafts’ lists with others you’ve created. Besides its name, there is a button (Send Options), now click it and choose—Add to Follow Up Series.

You can see there is the first mail on the Autoresponder. In this case, AWeber can send this to any new user if he/she confirms their subscription. Very Simple!

Step #3: Add more entries to your follow up series
Now, you have an autoresponder set- up through AWeber. And the final process is you have to add to Follow Up Series. Go back to the message and then Legacy Follow up Series of your dashboard. Now, get a click on—create a Message- button. Now, start repeating the same process in step no 2 till your mail is ready to launch.

If you add it in your existing series, you’re going to get the process to schedule.

By default, each AWeber follow up email is arranged to go out a day after the last one. Besides, you could change the setting to somehow sensible for example, a week by week email blast.

You will be able to arrange a specific ‘send window’ for the messages if you just click on the Edit option. You could also disable specific days through the settings, for example – Sundays. You can send a time window for your text to go out.

If you would like to try a free trial of the AWebber  software click  here.

Aweber the Best Email Marketing Services and Software for 2018

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